Fresh Hope is a child’s paradise. With our own children’s Playground with a massive fort.

Thank you to funding received from the St George Foundation we are lucky enough to have Sun Shade over our play area making it a beautiful sun safe area for children to play.

children_at_fresh_hopeFor the older children we also have a road safety bicycle track, not only for children to enjoy, but to teach the children about road safety.

Plus a vege patch for the Children to help mum grow your veges and herbs.

Children also have the fun of living with the other families in the program and they grow to be good friends.

Kids Day Activities – Every Tuesday is dedicated Kids Day. e.g. playgroup fortnightly, cooking with parents.

Star Charts When you live at Fresh Hope mum is going to have a star chart for you to gain stars and stamps.

Star Charts

When you live at Fresh Hope mummy is going to have a star chart for you to gain stars.

You can earn stars for – Sharing, Listening, Kindness, Manners, Honesty, Helping feed the animals and for other things as well.

If you earn the most stars in the week you can choose what everyone eats for dinner on Friday night and you also get to choose your own movie to watch with the other children.

The programme – Child/ren progress with mothers, receiving acknowledgment when each stage of the programme is achieved.


Pets & care of animals builds attachments.  Animals at Fresh Hope include dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds, geese, ducks, horses and sheep. This allows the child to bond with another living creature and teaches them responsibility.

Welcome Book

You will receive The Welcome book when you come to stay at Fresh Hope. It introduces you to all the Fresh Hope staff and tells you what you can expect when you arrive. Click the icon below to download a copy in PDF format.


Frequently Asked Questions about Children at Fresh Hope :

10 years and younger.
Clean, safe and loving environment.  Fresh Hope adheres to strict Department of child safety guidelines.
We have a small bus by which we drop and pick up children from their educational institutions.
The children attend the local accredited child care centre.
Like any other household, the morning and afternoon activities are spent sharing the daily chores with mum being responsible for the daily running of the house, family & animals..