Project Name: Therapeutic Residential Rehabilitation for Mothers and their Children 2008 -2011

The Australian Government Department of Health & Ageing as part of the Non-Government Organisation Treatment Grants Program (NGOTGP) NTOTG Treatment Grants has provided funding for Fresh Hope for the project.

Fresh Hope Project Objectives:

  • To assist mothers, suffering substance abuse, in leading an addictive free life
  • To facilitate each mother to form and maintain the bond between mother and child during rehabilitation thus establishing effective parental involvement within the family model
  • To assist each mother to develop a work ethic and enhance their life skills thus enabling them to be an effective community member
  • To assist mothers and children to develop healthy, wholesome friendships with peers, developing skills for future healthy relationships
  • To assist mothers in providing the children with the confidence of a secure family relationship

The funding is for a three (3) year term, non-recurrent, and covers staff wages and limited operational costs related to the project.


The Infrastructure development at Fresh Hope has been sourced through funding bodies, donations from businesses and supporters, and fundraising events.

Funding Body

  • Jupiter’s CasinoTranstate Homes
  • New Hope Coal
  • Community Benefit Fund
  • Heritage Building Society
  • Rohan Worley House Removalists
  • AER Foundation

Operational Funding

Operational funding is sourced through fees paid by residents and the generous support of family, friends, fundraising events and the Fresh Hope support base.