Program details

The Fresh Hope program is very unique in that the focus is on both the mother and the children. It is not until you visit the facilities that you can fully understand how wonderful this program is. For the children it is like living in this fun filled loving environment where mummy is learning how to be a mummy.

Program Weekly Plan
Chore Catch Up/ Case WorkingBaking
TV night
Craft/ Horses 4 Healing
Home Group
Group/ shopping
Games night
Kids night Movie/Kids menu
Chore catch up & Family outingMothers Movie night
Church & One on one family time
Family Roast

The ‘Fresh Hope’ program aims to assist mothers and their children who are in need of rehabilitation due to drug or alcohol abuse.

Other benefits include:

  • Future Generations – with the Generational Cycle of Addiction and Abuse broken.
  • The Community – through the successful return of the mothers to society as responsible citizens.
  • Local Government – with resources assisted financially through changed work and spending patterns by rehabilitated families.

Government – through financial savings on its resources in health, housing, foster care, and criminal behaviour.

Each resident has their own specific program that is worked through at their own pace. Fresh Hope is run like as family which enables mothers to become accustomed to day to day living and to transition back into the community without incident. The family structure also enables the older residents to role model appropriate behaviour and parenting skills to new mothers, in keeping with the therapeutic community model of recovery.

Although the program is based on Christian principals it is not a prerequisite for residents to adopt these values.