Our Purpose

Purpose of Organisation

Fresh Hope is an incorporated, non-profit community based program founded in July, 1999 and administered by a thirteen member committee.

Fresh Hope Association as a therapeutic rehabilitation home with an eighteenth month residential program is specifically designed for mothers and their children who suffer drug/alcohol abuse due to the mother’s addiction assisting both to recover from the effect of substance abuse while building self esteem, parenting, life skills and practical living skills in a safe environment.

Fresh Hope is the only rehabilitation centre in Queensland that provides a program for mothers suffering substance abuse where they can bring and keep their children with them while undergoing rehab. Fresh Hope has a program for the mothers and another for the children which deals with their previous dysfunctional lifestyle and the root causes of the addiction while re-building their lives to become functioning, responsible parents and secure loved children.


To offer Fresh Hope in a loving and caring family environment to mothers, suffering from drug and alcohol abuse, and their children, who have lost hope.

Mission statement:

To provide education and suitable programs for mothers suffering drug and alcohol abuse and to provide them and their children the opportunity to find their destiny in life and achieve their goals in a healthy and drug free environment, thus breaking the generational cycle of addiction and abuse for future generations.