Meet the team

Karen Bartlett – Senior Counsellor/Director

Karen has a MA Counselling; Grad. Dip. Rehabilitation Counselling; BA Counselling. Karen’s other alias is Nannals to the children in the program.

Karen has 2 married children and 9 grand children.

In her spare time Karen LOVES THE BRONCOS!! And enjoys taking the grandchildren to the games as soon as they are old enough.

John Bartlett – Executive Director

John has a BA Ministry and is a JP (Qualified) & Civil Celebrant. His alias is as Poppy to the children in the program.

He and Karen have been married to each other for 40yrs. John goes for any football team that is opposing the Broncos.

Together John and Karen founded Fresh Hope in 1999.

Melody Robinson -Therapeutic Communities Service Manager

Melody is studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology and is known as Aunty to the Fresh Hope mothers and children. Melody specialises in Behaviour Management at Fresh Hope and has years of experience from studying and working within the education system with children who have severe behaviour problems and/or special needs.

Melody graduated from the program in 2002 and joined the team as staff in 2012. She now manages the team in overseeing their roles and ensuring quality of service. Melody has 2 children aged 2 and 13 and loves motorbike riding with her children and the Fresh Hope kids in her spare time.

Meet the rest of our committed team or as we like to call them ‘family’:

We are blessed enough to have a great team.  They include our counsellors, caseworkers, admin staff, houseparents and amazing band of volunteers.


Our counsellors are fully qualified, dedicated and experienced in their field of Drug & Alcohol.  From one –on-one session with the residents to group sessions, our counsellors cover numerous topics to help our residents in their recovery.


Our caseworkers deal with the resident’s everyday emotional wellbeing.  Caseworkers are an extension of our counsellors and help guide residents with the more complex elements of life i.e. appointments, goal setting, fulfilling commitments and how to make that practical and achievable etc.


Houseparents are involved in the everyday running of the house.  Hps help guide residents with daily chores, parenting, cooking, daily routine, health and hygiene, night time routines, interactions with others, running a household, mowing and maintenance and more.

Admin Staff:

Our office/admin staff are another facet of the crew covering all financial and administration requirements of Fresh Hope and the residents.


Without our wonderful volunteers, many of our extra activities would not happen.  Activities like craft, sewing, budgeting, horses 4 healing, cooking, bible study, outings and so much more. Thank you is never quite enough.