Fresh Hope Initiatives

Horses for Healing

This is a very new part of the program that was instigated a year ago. The mothers learn to work with, and ride horses. This covers all aspects of grooming and caring for the horse and learning to ride. Horses for Healing has proved a valuable tool for the Counselors in assisting the emotional development of the mothers and children.
For more information view the Horses for Healing page

Fresh Hope Books

A Series of books has been developed by Karen Bartlett, Senior Counsellor of Fresh Hope, as a result of counselling sessions she has had with children that have participated in the program.

Fresh Hope Patterns

Fresh Hope Patterns is a unique concept put in place as an ongoing fund raising mechanism to help with, not only the daily running costs of the Fresh Hope Centre, but hopefully to contribute to its expansion. Craft designers from all over Australia have generously donated craft designs to be marketed under the Fresh Hope Patterns banner and since almost every part of production is carried out by volunteers, most of the profits from the wholesale sale of each pattern can go towards keeping the vision of Fresh Hope alive and growing!

Family Fun

This program is for the extended families of the mothers and children in the program, who have been at Fresh Hope for at least six months. The course addresses the issues involved with having a daughter or sister who is trying to get their life back on track. Fresh Hope helps the families to reunite and accept that ‘bad stuff happens’ but they are still a family and really do love each other. This program has been very well accepted by the families who have completed it.
Each family has ‘homework’ to do in preparation for the next visit. The families meet about once a month with a facilitator and their family in the program.