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Please read the Fresh hope story for a detailed description of Fresh Hope Association Inc
Mothers with children suffering substance abuse
Mothers or expectant mothers suffering substance abuse along with their children.
When the resident reaches stages in their rehabilitation calls can be arranged through their caseworker. To contact children, it can be in the form of letters or phone calls once again arranged through the caseworker.
Fresh Hope is made up of a committed and very passionate team of professionals with a number of different expertise and qualifications.
This can be discussed with the caseworker and arrangements made.
Support your loved ones in this process. Patience is very important and faith in the program.  You are welcome to have contact with caseworkers and counsellors.
No! We pride ourselves in being child friendly and putting the children’s needs very high on our priorities. That is why we work closely with the department of child safety and guide and teach the mothers to also follow them understanding the reasons why.
Unfortunately that is out of our hands and her journey.  We do guide her in making arrangements ie. Travel, accommodation and contact those who need contacting. We will encourage residents to stay but if her heart is not in it, then the program will not work for her.  Our caseworkers and counsellors will also help your loved one to contact outside support agencies that will hopefully assist when returning to the community.