Day to day basis

Below is a guideline of what happens on a daily basis!!!

Up and about.  Feed animals, morning chores, breakfast, children ready for school/daycare.Daycare/school drop off and prep for the day.
Morning activities.  These vary daily – group sessions, one-on-one counseling, craft, sewing,cooking, horses 4 healing, yard chores, family outing, shopping…
Morning tea
Lunch, wash, dry and tidy up from lunch.
Afternoon activities.  Usually a follow on from morning.
School/day care pick up, afternoon tea,  preparation for dinner, quality time with the children and any other afternoon chores that require finishing, set table for dinner, yard tidy, dinner prepared,bags unpacked from the day.
Dinner is served and everyone sits down as a family.
Night routine – cleaning up after dinner (washing up, dry, putting away, sweep floors) bathing children, preparation for school/daycare the following day, family time in rooms (reading,singing etc) in preparation for bed.
Residents showered and ready for night time activities
Night activities e.g. baking, bible study, movies, games…
Book and room, quiet time, Bed!! zzzzzzzzzzzz

Please Note: The above is a guide only.  Daily routine can vary in time and sometimes activities.