Wider Community Benefits

Fresh Hope works to benefit not only the mothers and children that enter their program, but the general community as a whole. Fresh Hope’s contribution to the local community, to date, has been both practical and financial.

  • The Community – benefits with the successful return of mothers from the Fresh Hope program returning as responsible citizens to society, the wider
    community benefits financially. By the time ‘Fresh Hope’ mothers graduate they have paid all fines for prior convictions and have learnt to work, returning income to the community.
  • Local Government –benefits with resources assisted financially through changed work and spending patterns by rehabilitated families. ‘Fresh Hope’ uses the services and products of local businesses to meet their daily requirements, generating monetary return to the local community.
  • Government – through financial savings on its resources in health, housing, foster care, and the costly results of criminal behaviour
  • Future Generations – with the Generational Cycle of addiction and abuse broken the children of rehabilitated mothers will grow up to be responsible citizens with their mothers as positive role models living a changed lifestyle. In turn the cycle of addiction is broken for future generations of families.