Welcome to Fresh Hope

Who we are ?

The members of the Fresh Hope family (staff, residents, volunteers) wish to welcome you to our interactive webpage. Please feel free to browse around and have a look at all we have to offer you and your family.

Fresh Hope’s vision is to offer, fresh hope in a loving and caring family environment to mothers, suffering from drug and alcohol abuse and their children, who have lost hope.  We strive to provide education, suitable programs and opportunities to  find their destiny in life and achieve their goals in a healthy and drug free environment;thus breaking the generational cycle of addiction and abuse for future generations.

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What We Offer

Fresh Hope is a unique, residential, therapeutic rehabilitation centre operating like a family and believes that separating mothers from their children is detrimental to both the mothers and their children’s success.  When the mothers and children enter Fresh Hope, they are linked into the Fresh Hope family!! Like any other family, the members of the Fresh Hope family learn to balance chores, children, work and play.

Fresh hope places no restrictions on age, race or beliefs. If a mother is willing to come into the program and make significant changes to her lifestyle, she will be accepted. We hope that our residents’ time with us is fruitful and life changing.

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